Don't remove the credit.
Don't steal my themes or claim as your own
Don't use as base code.
you can edit my themes for personal use,but don't remove the credit.


No quites el crédito,si lo haces te reportaré lo cual derivará en el cierre de tu cuenta [+]
No robes mis temas ni mis códigos
No uses mis temas como "tema base"
puedes editar mis temas para uso personal.
Si no respetas estas reglas te reportaré lo cual tendrá como consecuencia el cierre de tu cuenta.

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Welcome to my theme blog!
all these themes was created by me,i hope you find what was you looking for. Thank you for using my themes! ❤
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Navigation/faves/network Layout #1 by Ocehans:
VERSION 1: Preview ☯ code
VERSION 2: Preview ☯ code
VERSION 3: Preview ☯ code
how to install / como instalar el tema
put like if you use please!

Navigation/faves/network Layout #1 by Ocehans:

VERSION 1: Preview  code

VERSION 2: Preview  code

VERSION 3: Preview  code

how to install como instalar el tema

put like if you use please!

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